Hi. I’m Crystal Ellefsen. 👋

I am an entrepreneur, problem solver, poet, and fiction writer.

My personal creative projects often center around forgiveness and grief while my client-based work focuses on the unique needs of authors to grow and leverage their digital platform to sell books.

I am currently working on a novel, a poetry manuscript, pivoting my business to add more training for authors at earlier stages of their career, and potty training my youngest child.

My primary business since 2014 has been Consulting for Authors. I also created You Are Not Alone Box which offers curated gift boxes to send to someone who is grieving.

I grew up in Austin, Texas, and migrated to California to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara. While there I won the Ina Coolbrith Memorial Prize in Poetry and was a finalist for the University of California Poet Laureate. In 2012, I graduated from San Diego State University with an MFA in Creative Writing.

When I’m not working, writing, or reading… I enjoy eating chocolate chip cookies (no nuts or raisins), dabbling in every creative medium possible, gardening, hiking, camping, and going to the beach with my family.

Current Projects:

If you’re at all curious about my future projects, business ventures, and most importantly if you want to know if I ever publish this novel I’m working on, please input your email address below.

Also, I recently started sharing poems on Instagram because I finally decided… why not?

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