2021 Update

Hello friends,

Since 2014 my primary work has been my business, Consulting for Authors. I worked behind the scenes with high-profile authors to help them grow and leverage their digital platforms and implement successful book launches.

I also dabbled in a bunch of other projects in the past few years. I started a side-business-passion-project (You Are Not Alone Box) which offers curated gift boxes to send to someone who is grieving. I was a regular contributor at The Art of Simple for 7 years. I published poetry here and there.

During my 7 years focused on helping other authors, I didn’t make much time for my own creative writing (and of course, I had two more babies). I also got really burnt out. Really burnt out.

I recently made some big changes in my business, letting go of my biggest client so that I could work less, recover from burnout, and figure out what kinds of work I want to do next.

It is a very interesting transition phase of my work life because I now have the luxury of considering what I want, not just how do I make enough money to take care of my family. I have so many thoughts on that, but for the moment, I’m skipping ahead to the basics of what I’m working on in 2021.

  1. My novel. I’m not ready to share any details about this project, but I am delighted to be making progress and I’m enjoying the challenge of it. I have been taking fiction workshops online to get my head back in the space for this kind of writing and revising.
  2. Teaching live workshops for authors. At the moment, I am taking a break from offering services for clients and am instead trying out teaching what I’ve learned in the past 7 years about book launches and author marketing. If you’re interested, the next live workshop starts on April 14. Discounts available for registering early.
  3. Poetry. I recently started sharing poems on Instagram because I finally decided… why not?
  4. A podcast where I help brainstorm ideas to help for people at the beginning stages of growing a business or growing their author platform. This is currently just in the idea phase, but I love talking with people about their small business marketing challenges or where they feel stuck building their author platform. I know what it is like to need help, but not be able to afford business coaching or any other kind of one-on-one help so I thought I could offer it for free by recording the conversations and turning it into a podcast. If you’re at all interested, I’m looking for people to be a guest on the show. Use the contact form and tell me about yourself and your business and I’ll follow up if it seems like a good fit.
  5. You Are Not Alone Box. I need to give this business more attention and decide if I really want to scale it and figure out how to make it sustainable.

I have a million other creative project and business ideas I want to try, but for the time being, these will be my work projects to focus on for 2021!