Crystal Ellefsen

Compulsively creative. Efficient problem solver. Always learning. I have a black belt in Work Ethic.

  • I help authors sell books.

    I work with New York Times
    bestselling authors to help them
    sell more books on the internet.

  • freelance writer

    I write articles.

    I've written articles on a wide variety of topics:
    apartment marketing, poetry reviews,
    parenting, travel, and more.

  • I made a music video.

    One day I needed a creative outlet,
    so I made this. It was really fun.

  • I write poetry.

    I write poems on paper
    with carefully chosen pens.
    Some of them get published.

  • I make art about forgiveness.

    I’m (slowly) working on a multi-media
    community project about the
    art and power of forgiveness.

  • I hold marketing Office Hours.

    I give quick and affordable advice to
    busy business owners who want help
    figuring out the best direction for
    their internet marketing efforts.