7 reasons my whole30 was easy

I used to kind of make fun of Paleo. I didn’t know much about it and from my perspective, it just seemed like another health fad. Of course, the Whole30 is more than just eating Paleo for 30 days. It’s more extreme than Paleo and it’s also intended to focus on challenging your relationship with food. After completing […]

Poetry: Antidote to the Internet?

Reciting Poetry Discount

There are rumors that blogging is dying. There are articles everywhere about how our brains are being affected by the internet, about how novels are becoming too challenging for the average person’s attention span. About how social media is ruining our ability to think. It’s not shocking. I think anyone who spends time on blogs […]

Month 1: Healthy Food Habits

healthy food habits

Cookies had become my main food group and it was time to do something about it. Responsible is the new sexy. Or at least that’s what I think.  I created this project for myself (and anyone who wants to join) to have a structure for personal growth and habit modification. Month 1: Healthy Food Habits […]